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My take on the Verified Effective self-assessment.

In the latest TechLetter, Don released a slimmed-down version of a retired scenario for the Verified Effective exam, which is offered at the PowerShell Summits. I decided to type up a solution for it and share my thought process. … Continue reading

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Building a hosted TeamCity server went live on Friday!  This is something I’ve been wanting to do for months, but we had to wait for enough funding to pay for the necessary cloud compute time.  (Merci beaucoup, Chef!) I thought it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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Interesting “gotcha” with dynamic parameters and pipeline input

I was working on a tricky problem with Pester’s mocking functionality today, and came across something that I didn’t previously know about how dynamic parameters work in PowerShell. Dynamic parameters are generated before (and only before) pipeline input is processed. … Continue reading

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Script Block properties in DSC resources

Here’s a little-known feature of Desired State Configuration. First, notice that the Script resource’s properties are all strings, not ScriptBlocks, in its schema: However, even though they’re strings in the MOF file, PowerShell will allow you to assign ScriptBlock objects … Continue reading

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Manage Local Group Policy Objects from PowerShell and Desired State Configuration

Ever since DSC was first released, people have been asking how they can use it to manage user-specific settings. For the most part, the answer has been: don’t do that. DSC resources execute as LocalSystem, and are intended to manage … Continue reading

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Odd behavior with regex-based operators and case sensitivity

I happened to be browsing the PowerShell reddit page this evening, and came across a very interesting post: RegEx -NotMatch Isn’t Ignoring Case. I spent some time playing around with these operators for a bit, and came up with several … Continue reading

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Long PowerShell Commands (Backticks, gasp!)

Hrm… I know that the prevailing opinion in the community is that when you have a long command, avoid using the backtick character for line continuations in PowerShell. I know why authors avoid it, and I know the “gotcha” around … Continue reading

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Handy Microsoft Virtual Academy courses for PowerShell and C# development.

There are some great free resources available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy. For those who are trying to learn to write code in PowerShell or C#, here are a couple of examples: Advanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell 3.0 Jump … Continue reading

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Career Updates

A few months ago, Don Jones made a post on his blog titled Don’t Get Stuck in Your Job. I didn’t want to say anything publicly at the time, but the story in that post came from me. Back in … Continue reading

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Automatic variables in Desired State Configuration

When you read through the DSC documentation at , you learn that there are three automatic variables available to your DSC configuration code: $ConfigurationData , $AllNodes, and $Node. There are actually six automatic DSC variables. Not documented (and arguably … Continue reading

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