Career Updates

A few months ago, Don Jones made a post on his blog titled Don’t Get Stuck in Your Job. I didn’t want to say anything publicly at the time, but the story in that post came from me. Back in July, I interviewed to replace Steven Murawski when he moved from Stack Exchange to Chef, and was turned down.

That was a pretty big blow, but there was nothing to do but move forward. I reached out to some of my friends and contacts for advice, and since then, I’ve been very busy: full-time job, consulting in the evenings and weekends for extra money, open source projects, and MVP-related activities, etc. I’ve also been trying to beef up my skill set, both by learning more about IT technologies that are outside of my usual comfort zone, and by becoming a better developer.

As luck and industry trends would have it, now’s a very good time to be an IT Pro who also has development skills, and all that extra time I’ve spent over the past year or two is paying off in a big way. Next week, I’ll be starting a new job: Application Operations Engineer for DevOpsGuys. My main focus will be on Windows automation and configuration management with PowerShell and Desired State Configuration. It’s a smaller company than I’m used to, though, and I suspect there will be ample opportunity to gain experience with the Linux ecosystem, as well as to get involved with other forms of software development. (And – gasp! – I’ll be able to do these things on the job, instead of having to lose so much sleep to get everything done!)

It’s an exciting change that moves me right to the front of the technology curve, and I’m really looking forward to it!


About Dave Wyatt

Microsoft MVP (PowerShell), IT professional.
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2 Responses to Career Updates

  1. arashid290 says:

    Good luck and well done!


  2. Ian Mayo says:

    That’s great news Dave – congratulations. Oh, and congratulations on all that free time you’ve gained 🙂


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