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Code Coverage Analysis for Pester (Feedback Request)

(12-Jul-2014 Edit: This article is now quite a bit out of date. The Coverage Analysis feature has since been merged into Pester’s Beta branch, and some of the details of how it works have changed as well.) I’m working on … Continue reading

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Musings on “Clean Code” in PowerShell

Lately I’ve been reading Uncle Bob Martin’s Clean Code. For those who haven’t read it, the book focuses primarily on the tasks that a developer should go through after “getting the code working.” Specifically, the steps required to convert the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on self-defense and “Stand Your Ground”

This post is a follow-up to a brief conversation that took place on Twitter. 140-character chunks are really not a suitable venue for such a touchy topic. Before I go into my take on this topic, let me put out … Continue reading

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How to install a DSC Pull Server on Windows 2008 R2

When you set up a DSC pull server on Windows Server 2012 R2, you can simply run the command (Add-WindowsFeature DSC-Service) to install all of the necessary dependencies: IIS, ASP.NET, OData, and so on. It appears to be possible to … Continue reading

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Quick tip on XML / XPath filtering of Event Logs

I’ve seen several examples of XML / XPath filtering of event logs, some of them from Microsoft, which look like this: *[EventData[Data[@Name=’SubjectUserName’] and (Data=’test9′)]] This sort of works, but you need to understand what it really means. It looks for … Continue reading

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Tracking down commands that are polluting your pipeline

This is a PowerShell “gotcha” that has probably caught every one of us at some point or another: You are writing a function… it’s intended to output a certain type of object, perhaps even a single value such as $true … Continue reading

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