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Considering a career change (Software Development)

I’ve been an IT pro for about 13 years now. I’ve worked positions ranging from call centers to being responsible for global Active Directory infrastructure for a major financial institution. However, I’ve come to realize that this type of work … Continue reading

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Working on a new PowerShell module: ProtectedData

Over the past few days I’ve been writing a new PowerShell module called ProtectedData. Its purpose is to make it easy for script authors to encrypt secret data in such a way that it can be decrypted by multiple users … Continue reading

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IDisposable and PowerShell versions

I’ve been working on a new module over the past few days, with the intention of having it work on PowerShell 2.0 and later. I did my development and testing on PowerShell 4.0 (.NET 4.5), and when it came time … Continue reading

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